Sue Ferrell was my friend. Sue Ferrell was everyone’s friend. She and her smile made you feel like everything was going to be okay. In 2014, Sue asked me to be a trustee for KUMC. Wow, I had never thought of myself to be a Trustee for my church. I had done so many other things, but to be a Trustee?? She said, “we have so much that needs to be done around here, and a woman will make sure it gets done”. She said it really only takes just a couple hours of your month. So I went to the January meeting, and was elected to be the Chairman.

Well, she had no idea what she just promised, nor did I have any idea what was in store. The LORD must have had big plans for us and Kyle United Methodist Church. We immediately embarked upon one of the most exciting, thrilling and faith growing experiences of my life. Within five days we discovered with a raccoon falling through the ceiling in the custodians’ room that there was a rodent infestation. Sue was right there on the spot ready to assist me with her wisdom as to how to begin to solve this problem. She knew who to call and when. All I had to do was what she had said in the beginning…”make sure it gets done”. So I spent the next two years diligently making sure things got done. Sue was my right arm through every encounter we had. Lighting struck the church, flooding happened and we took up indoor-outdoor carpet and refinished the wood floors, the Fire Alarm System had to be redone, we completed the new window project in the Sanctuary, repainted the outside of the church, and also the interior of the Sanctuary, replaced the AC in the Parsonage and some major repair, just to name a few!! I need to confess, there is no way I would have had the courage, stamina or know-how to try and lead KUMC through all of this without my friend and companion, Sue Ferrell. She provided all the trustworthy support and wisdom that I needed through every challenge. Probably the most remarkable Life Sustaining Lesson that I received from working with Sue through all these wonderful tragedies was how she continually expressed that Jesus was in control if we would just let Him do His work for His Church. And every time, it was so true.

Thank you Sue, it was a life changing time for me to be so blessed to have ridden that rough, exciting and glorious ride with you here at KUMC!